Review L’Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation



I love L’Oreal products and many I will repurchase but not this foundation.I bought few items from Lumi line of L’Oreal as I like glow effect on the skin.
It is very expensive compared to other products of L’Oreal more than 20$ for 14,6-gram foundation.
And for my taste coverage is too sheer even for touch ups. For this amount of product for this packaging seems too big and bulky in a cosmetic bag it could fit in the tiny tube. Applicator for foundation I did not found convenient all product end ups more on your hands than on your face, the package included mirror it is good, the product covered with a lid which closed tight. It has picture explanation on back, how to use it . It good blending on the face and after I practically did not see the difference, no before and after effect. No glow effect at all in my opinion. It has a nice light smell, not greasy and absorbs quickly, blends well, easy to take off. Foundation coverage could be higher and consistency slightly thicker as other foundations.
My verdict I tried to use it and found it inconvenient, poor coverage, difficult to apply and ineffective. It waist if packaging and with little improvement of skin appearance . I will not repurchase it. Not recommend it for travel.



Loreal True Match Lumi Powder Glow Illuminator Revew

I bought second package of this powder, which very rarely happens. I really like to try new beauty products. This powder I do not want to be caught without. It comes in convenient plastic package with see thru lid that make easy to choose correct colors. Second level comes with a mirror and brush. Powder very easy to open and it close tight and very light, small size. It consist 9 g of the product
Brush, not powder sponge or puff for prises application. Brush feel smooth and soft on skin. On a back of the detail explanation How to use it.

This product can be used for many purposes and excellent quality. Different colors combination excellent for contouring and highlighting, blush and can be used as eye shadow or just sweep over whole face for instant glow. It last long time and has very strong reflecting and highlighting effect compare to other highlighters I owned. I really like glow and reflection created by this product. It good in any age, but I feel it give life and refreshment to mature skin. It good very good in day light and evening artificial lighting. I thing that it specially important and noticeable when doing photo. Small wrinkle will disappear and youthful glow will be reflected on photo after using highlighting powder.

I strongly recommend Loreal True Match Lumi Powder Glow Illuminator

Freeman Peel-Off Facial Masks Revew

DSCF7088I would like to review group of mask I feel have to have to maintain glowing skin. This is peel off the mask. Now in an end of summer when skin accumulated sunburns during summer and unevenness of color . Soon the sun will be not so harmful. It is time to exfoliate to remove all dead skin. Improve color and texture. Sometime during this process skin became dry and flaky. It flakiness also happened in winter with dry skin. And It time for peel off mask to apply on skin.
Freeman makes few peel off mask while years ago was only cucumber mask available. They all do same – remove flakes of dead skin.
This product comes in easy to use a plastic tube in generous size as all Freeman masks. Price is amazing around 4$ will not break the bank. Mask easy to store open and close and squeeze from the tube. Mask should be applied on clean dry skin medium layer. Hair should be not touched. Hair should be tied back. Eyes, eyebrows, and lips should be avoided. Wait as a mask will dry into see thru flexible film glued to the skin. Not mixed up with new now widely available rubberizing masks which seem to be similar but they are completely different purpose and qualities.
After mask dried out it should carefully peeled off from a face with all flakes and dead skin.
In my opinion, this mask is must have for any skin type.


Freeman Facial Sleeping Mask Honeydew & Chamomile Revew

After hot sunny days even my oily skin feel dry and need recovery.

I tried and loved the mask Freeman Facial Sleeping Mask Honeydew & Chamomile. I purchased mask in Wal-Mart.DSCF5765

Packaging is plastic tube as all this size mask, has lid very easy open and close. This mask size is 175 ml which is good size for home use product and will last long. This type of mask not as well known as other types . It is ‘ sink in ‘- cream mask. Active ingredient is Coconut oil – well known ingredient in skin care.  Mask has very good consistency of white cream and not to heavy.  After applying thick layer on skin it will sink in to the skin. Mask should be left on the skin without washing overnight.  On my taste mask smell is too strong. It design for dry skin but I think it good for any type if it not has acne. After using this product my skin is well nourished, soft and moisturized. Not has any greasy effect as if i would apply pure coconut oil. It is big advantage of the mask.DSCF6191.JPG

Not forget do not wash mask off. It should fully sink in to the skin. Freeman is well priced and good quality product. It is important to use this type of mask for deep moisturizing effect.  I am on second tube of this mask. I would recommend this mask and going to repurchase this product.

My Beauty Diary Arbutin Whitening Mask review

Sun is shining bright. It is always time to remove dullness from skin prepare for better adsorption of the cream  and lighten sun spots. So it is best time for to review  Arbutin brightening,  freshening, mask, by My Beauty Diary 

I use this mask for while, purchased it in Health and Beauty department of Superstore. It comes in box of 10.  Probably it possible individually to get this mask.


Mask come in individual poach and it  easy to open. Important good thing about this brand it is very easy to find expiration date on box and individual pouch. It found on a back of the box or pouch in a middle.


Each mask layered with film to help keep shape and to part of the mask do not stick to each other. This film should be removed before placing on face. Package  contain soaking liquid. In some brands soaking liquid will be plenty for 2 or 3 usage of mask, but in this case I was able to use each package ones.

Some information about active ingredient – arbutin.  Arbutin is a glycoside; a glycosylated hydroquinone extracted from the bearberry  plant


Arbutin is therefore used as a skin-lightening agent, prevents the formation of melanin.

When I placed mask on my face it hanged face very nicely as it has plenty of soaking liquid. I felled pressure of liquid to minimize pores. I am not sure that my dark spot on face will disappear from using mask (it is not design tor this purpose). But it improved evenness color of my skin.

It was good refreshment for my skin.Skin felt smooth and soft after application, did not have any drying effect.  I have oily skin and it worked perfectly  for me. I think it suitable for any skin type .

I would recommend this  product




I bought one more jar of NEUTROGENA® HYDRO BOOST™ GEL CREAM today and decided it is time to write review. I was looking while ago for inexpensive solution to use widely advertize as best moisture holding ingredient –  hydrating hyaluronic acid.

I decide that it is one of the option for me. Cream – gel is extremely light especially suitable for hot summer. Gel easy to adsorb by skin and very good base for make up. It come in a jar as most of the creams I use, and packaging has some disadvantages. For best result you need use spatula to take cream out,  and keep it tightly closed. Air oxidised and destroy active ingredients of the cream.

Cream do not have any strong smell, I found it best for me. Gel comes in size 47 ml. I t s close to regular size for moisturizing face product. After applying face gel I feel that my skin silky, soft,  well moisturised not oily not greasy and prepared for primer and further make up application .

I would defiantly recommend this product.

Review MY BEAUTY DIARY Aroma Series Citrus Firming Aroma Mask

I bought few boxes MY BEAUTY  DIARY brand mask to help my skin to survive spring and summer. I finishing 1st box of Citrus Firming Aroma Mask from Aroma Series and decided to write review about product.

Mask comes in environmentally friendly packaging set of 10 mask, but probably could be bought individually. Mask easy to open and packaged individually. Each mask layered with film to help keep shape and to part of the mask do not stick to each other. This film should be removed before placing on face. Package contain soaking liquid. In some brands soaking liquid will be plenty for 2 or 3 usage of mask, but in this case I was able to use each package only ones.DSCF5755

It calls Citrus but it do not have strong smell I really liked it. When I placed mask on my face it hanged face very nicely as it has plenty of soaking liquid. I felled pressure of liquid to purify and  firm skin.

Skin felt smooth and soft after application, did not have any drying effect.  I have oily skin and it worked perfectly  for me. I think it suitable for any skin type .

I would recommend this  product.

Revew Photo Ready Perfecting Primer


After I went thru many bottles of this primer I decided to write how excellent it work for my skin. I started use it few years very satisfied with this product, It came in glass bottle without any extra packaging. Packaging is environmentally friendly. Bottle size 27 ml it is normal amount for this category of product.  Bottle has pump , it make measurement and application very convenient. It not has any smell. It adsorbs by my oily skin very quickly. Primer contain powder. Powder fill the pores and mattify skin. Primer even out skin ton.  Effect last all day. You will not need use as much foundation to put over this product and foundation will stay on surface of the skin for loner time than without primer.

I recommend this product , it available in any drugstore

Revew: NeoStrata Night Repair Cream


I just finished jar Neosrata night cream, it lasted me couple month. I purchased it health and beauty section of Superstore.  I bought few products from this line, but now I would like to talk about Neostrata renewal and repair night cream with glycolic acid.

Cream packaging is usual for this kind of product: glass jar with a lid and in a box. It good idea to have spatula to take cream from jar. Size of the jar is 50 ml. It is usual for this kind of product.  Cream do not have any distinctive smell what I found important. It could be applied thin or thicker layer it adsorbs very quickly without leaving any greasy or oily film. It recommended by manufacturer to perform test on neck before start to use product, to check you skin reaction and tolerance to acid, which I  did before start to use product. My skin is reacting on this product very well. Very soon after I start to use it skin got smoother, moisturized and softer. It recommended for age group after 30 when renewal process is slowing down and skin need more exfoliation. It recommended for all type of skin.

I would recommend this product.

L’Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base Revew

I am using this primer for while now and very satisfied with result.


Packaging is not environmentally friendly and extra package increase real jar size, actually size of the jar smaller than most of the brands (most 30 ml) but L Oreal primer only 15 ml. It makes product more expensive then other drugstore primers.

You will need very small amount to cover face. This product design for oily and combinational skin. I use it mostly for T zone on my face. It easy to apply and get good and thin coverage. Primer removes shine from oily face, fill the pores and prepare for application of foundation.

I will defiantly recommend this face primer. It is available in any drugstore in L’Oreal section.