Freeman Peel-Off Facial Masks Revew

DSCF7088I would like to review group of mask I feel have to have to maintain glowing skin. This is peel off the mask. Now in an end of summer when skin accumulated sunburns during summer and unevenness of color . Soon the sun will be not so harmful. It is time to exfoliate to remove all dead skin. Improve color and texture. Sometime during this process skin became dry and flaky. It flakiness also happened in winter with dry skin. And It time for peel off mask to apply on skin.
Freeman makes few peel off mask while years ago was only cucumber mask available. They all do same – remove flakes of dead skin.
This product comes in easy to use a plastic tube in generous size as all Freeman masks. Price is amazing around 4$ will not break the bank. Mask easy to store open and close and squeeze from the tube. Mask should be applied on clean dry skin medium layer. Hair should be not touched. Hair should be tied back. Eyes, eyebrows, and lips should be avoided. Wait as a mask will dry into see thru flexible film glued to the skin. Not mixed up with new now widely available rubberizing masks which seem to be similar but they are completely different purpose and qualities.
After mask dried out it should carefully peeled off from a face with all flakes and dead skin.
In my opinion, this mask is must have for any skin type.



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