Freeman Facial Sleeping Mask Honeydew & Chamomile Revew

After hot sunny days even my oily skin feel dry and need recovery.

I tried and loved the mask Freeman Facial Sleeping Mask Honeydew & Chamomile. I purchased mask in Wal-Mart.DSCF5765

Packaging is plastic tube as all this size mask, has lid very easy open and close. This mask size is 175 ml which is good size for home use product and will last long. This type of mask not as well known as other types . It is ‘ sink in ‘- cream mask. Active ingredient is Coconut oil – well known ingredient in skin care.  Mask has very good consistency of white cream and not to heavy.  After applying thick layer on skin it will sink in to the skin. Mask should be left on the skin without washing overnight.  On my taste mask smell is too strong. It design for dry skin but I think it good for any type if it not has acne. After using this product my skin is well nourished, soft and moisturized. Not has any greasy effect as if i would apply pure coconut oil. It is big advantage of the mask.DSCF6191.JPG

Not forget do not wash mask off. It should fully sink in to the skin. Freeman is well priced and good quality product. It is important to use this type of mask for deep moisturizing effect.  I am on second tube of this mask. I would recommend this mask and going to repurchase this product.


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