I bought one more jar of NEUTROGENA® HYDRO BOOST™ GEL CREAM today and decided it is time to write review. I was looking while ago for inexpensive solution to use widely advertize as best moisture holding ingredient –  hydrating hyaluronic acid.

I decide that it is one of the option for me. Cream – gel is extremely light especially suitable for hot summer. Gel easy to adsorb by skin and very good base for make up. It come in a jar as most of the creams I use, and packaging has some disadvantages. For best result you need use spatula to take cream out,  and keep it tightly closed. Air oxidised and destroy active ingredients of the cream.

Cream do not have any strong smell, I found it best for me. Gel comes in size 47 ml. I t s close to regular size for moisturizing face product. After applying face gel I feel that my skin silky, soft,  well moisturised not oily not greasy and prepared for primer and further make up application .

I would defiantly recommend this product.


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