Revew: NeoStrata Night Repair Cream


I just finished jar Neosrata night cream, it lasted me couple month. I purchased it health and beauty section of Superstore.  I bought few products from this line, but now I would like to talk about Neostrata renewal and repair night cream with glycolic acid.

Cream packaging is usual for this kind of product: glass jar with a lid and in a box. It good idea to have spatula to take cream from jar. Size of the jar is 50 ml. It is usual for this kind of product.  Cream do not have any distinctive smell what I found important. It could be applied thin or thicker layer it adsorbs very quickly without leaving any greasy or oily film. It recommended by manufacturer to perform test on neck before start to use product, to check you skin reaction and tolerance to acid, which I  did before start to use product. My skin is reacting on this product very well. Very soon after I start to use it skin got smoother, moisturized and softer. It recommended for age group after 30 when renewal process is slowing down and skin need more exfoliation. It recommended for all type of skin.

I would recommend this product.

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