Flower Arrangement for festive table

Decision regarding arrangement:

1. position of the arrangement (where will the arrangement be placed).
Centerpiece of big round table with chairs with purple covers and yellow table cloth.

2. style and size of the arrangement and how it suits the position.
I choose Round style of arrangement it will appear the same on all sides and from viewing angles, There are no front or backside of this arrangement , it prefect for center pieces since they can be viewed from all sides it will aloud guest to see each other and effectively communicate.

3. the flowers chosen for the design. There are six classic color harmonies based on the hues of the color wheel.
Primary flower – gerbera bright yellow colour
Secondary flower – Chysanthemum violet dark solid colour

Accent flower – Alstromeria lighter shade of purple

For collar I chose small leaves of monstera.

I choose Complementary color Harmony, it will create bold powerful effect, cause emotional excitement and enhanced visual depth.

4.the colours of the flowers chosen – important rhythm and balance.
Form three dimensional round shape created with mass of flower.
Regular repeated Rhythm chosen orderly organize design elements to create visual pathways.
Primary flower yellow gerbera
Secondary flower violet Crisanthemum
Accent flowers lighter shade of violet alstrameria and accent of greenery

4. Decision regarding container.

I chose vintage silver plate bowl and added oasis create arrangement. Style of container reflects formality of occasion.
Flowers placement

Started with 9 basic placement . As a base I used floral foam Oasis.

first basic 9 placement

finished Arrangement.


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