Coconut Oil is one of the best Hair Oil.

Coconut Oil is one of the best Hair Oil.
Coconut Oil is very popular and widely used as hair oil worldwide. Coconut oil is rich carbohydrates. It used in preparation of cosmetic soaps, creams, coconut oils used for thousands of years and shown remarkable results. Certain components in oil keep the hair strong nourished and protected from effects of premature aging as baldness, extensive hair loss hair damage.
Coconut oil rich in Laurie acid has high affinity for hair protein, easy penetrate inside the hair shaft due to low molecular weight. Oil has high moisture retrain capacity, since it is not easily broken down, nor evaporated, being very stable it does not let moisture escape, Oil keep hair moist and soft, which prevent breakage of hair. Various fatty acids in coconut oil very good ante- Dandruff effect. Regular application will help you to get rid of it,
Oil help to minimize split ends and joining them back together. Improve moisture and lipid content of the skin, 20 % sunscreen block.
I started using coconut oil for hair last year and felt immediate improvement in my hair appearance.


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