Your office: How to choose good chair

ImageFactors to consider when choosing a chair include:

• your size;

• the tasks to be performed;

• the arrangement of the workstation.

Many chairs are described as “ergonomic” by their

manufacturers, but a chair can be considered ergonomic only

when it suits the worker’s size, the tasks she will perform and

her workstation.

For each major joint (e.g. hips, knees and elbows), there are ranges that each person will

find comfortable.



• controls are easy to operate from a sitting position;

• swivel mechanism and wheels or casters (appropriate to

type of flooring);

• stable five-point base;

• breathable, non slippery fabric.


• wide and long enough to be comfortable (seat

does not put pressure on thighs or knees);

• adjustable in angle (to allow forward sloping);

• front edge of seat curves toward the floor.


• height adjustable (separate from scat pan);

• adjustable angle with locking mechanism;

• wide enough and high enough to fit back comfortably

while working;

• curved to fit the shape of your back (some chairs also

have additional lower lumbar – support features).


• allow chair to slide under work surface (should be short

enough to allow workers to move their chairs close to the

workstation or easily moved to the side if in the way);

• ideally height and width adjustable (should be adjusted to

approximately elbow height to allow arms to rest

comfortably, taking the load off shoulders and neck).




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