When you send flowers

When you planning to send flowers or talk to the florist it is important to now most popular flowers  by name common and scientiffic .

You will be confident that you talk about same flower with your florist.

Common Name           Scientific Name



Azalea                                    Rhododendron alendulaceum

Begonia                                 Begonia semperflorens

Bird of Paradise                   Strelitzia reginae

Calla lily                                 Zantedeschia

Carnation                              Dianthus caryophyllus

Cyclamen                              Cyclamen persicum

Daisy                                      Felicia amelloides

Dogwood                               Cornus florida

Geranium                              Pelargonium ortorum

Hollyhock                              Alcea rosea

Hydrangea                            Hydrangea macrophylla

Impatiens                               Impatiens walleriana

Lilac                                        Antirrhinum majus

Mum                                       Chrysanthemum boreale

Pansy                                     Viola wittrockiana

Periwinkle                             Vinca minor

Rose                                       Rosa

Snapdragon                          Antirrhinum majus

Sunflower                             Helianthus divaricatus

Tiger lily                                 Lilium lancifolium

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