Volunteer; make difference in your Community today

Environmental Conservation organizations protect and enhance parks and other natural areas through a variety of activities.

Volunteers play a crucial role in assisting these organizations to reach their goals.

A volunteer program is a two-way street: it must meet the needs of the organization and the needs of the volunteer.

Everyone wins!

Why Recruit?

to help spread the work among members,

to keep the organization alive,

for new ideas,

to get the work done.

A satisfied volunteer will

do a good job for the organization,

have only good things to say about your organization,

give your organization a good reputation,

recruit volunteers by word and example,

be committed and enthusiastic.

By volunteering abroad you will be giving great opportunity to put your time into a meaningful and rewarding volunteer program  to suit your interests.

Volunteering aboard you have the chance to learn about Arts and Crafts in Mexico, ancient Khmer culture in Cambodia, Theatre and Drama in Romania, Incan architecture and culture in Peru, and traditional nomadic living on the Steppe of Mongolia. There are projects farming and building houses in rural Ghana.

Through  Archaeology project, you can study Roman ruins in Romania. Based in Deva, a city with 80,000 inhabitants, volunteers  work at a variety of dig sites and museums.

Every day, thousands of people voluntarily give their time and talent to thousands of organizations . They give their time freely and with no expectation of monetary reward. Their hours of service ensure that many activities are accomplished and many people are helped. They build houses for the homeless, care for the elderly, and provide counseling and support services. They are youth group leaders, program coordinators, coaches and fundraisers. They represent every walk of life – professional, homemaker, student, retiree – as well as every age and cultural group.


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