L’Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base Revew

I am using this primer for while now and very satisfied with result.


Packaging is not environmentally friendly and extra package increase real jar size, actually size of the jar smaller than most of the brands (most 30 ml) but L Oreal primer only 15 ml. It makes product more expensive then other drugstore primers.

You will need very small amount to cover face. This product design for oily and combinational skin. I use it mostly for T zone on my face. It easy to apply and get good and thin coverage. Primer removes shine from oily face, fill the pores and prepare for application of foundation.

I will defiantly recommend this face primer. It is available in any drugstore in L’Oreal section.

Face Q Milk Moisturizing Foot Mask

I bought foot mask  in beauty department local grocery store (Superstore)and  started use this foot mask year ago


Package environmentally friendly ( no extra boxes).  It come individually packaged.  It easy to use.  Just open a package and put it on right and left foot ( there is sign R and L)

Silky liquid wrap your feet. It has nice light smell but I only feel it when open package . Liquid is colorless and absorbs quickly.DSCF3162

I was searching  internet and  wait  thirty minutes for mask to adsorb .  After application immediately skin felt soft and smooth and it last for while.

I would recommend this foot mask

To get long-lasting effect you have to use it regularly . In my opinion  for one application the price is high  for this foot mask.

Panton colours 2016

Panton collours 2016